Best Practices for the Social Media Big Three

Quick Highlights for Best Practices for Social Media and Real Estate

HubSpot recently created a list of Social Media best practices for the big three: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As the consumer experience moves further into the social sphere, businesses must learn to not only use social media, but to utilize it effectively. Here are some highlights from the article. You’ll notice I included more Twitter tips than the other two – this is because Twitter is leveraged ineffectively and less often than Facebook or LinkedIn.

Summary of Facebook Best Practices

  • Remove links from the post once a thumbnail is generated. No need for URL redundancy
  • Use photos over links
  • Post Timeline photos rather than uploading whole albums

Summary of LinkedIn Best Practices

  • INCLUDE a shortened URL in your posts, otherwise click tracking to your site is lost
  • Share sparingly, usually once per day
  • Use Groups to share your links and content

Summary of Twitter Best Practices

  • Short! 120-130 characters
  • Include Twitter handles (@SomeoneInMyCompany)
  • 2 or fewer hashtags
  • Use visuals, try to avoid text-only tweets
  • Use Twitter’s photo uploader, (Instagram photos do not show up natively in a Twitter feed)

Follow this link to check out the full article.

This article reprinted with permission from PCMS Consulting. The original can be found here.