Real Estate innovation platform

TERABITZ is a leading provider of real estate solution worldwide.
With the “REAL ESTATE INNOVATION PLATFORM” we help real estate brokers and real estate agents to engage online home-buyers and sellers. We specialize in helping businesses in the Real Estate Industry find the technology necessary to succeed. We help realtors, developers, builders, and brokers leverage advanced technology to attract buyers and nurture them through the entire sales cycle.

TOOLS Which are part of our Real Estate Innovation Platform are:

  • CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)
  • Lead Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Brokers and Real Estate agents Performance Analysis.
  • Dynamic Listing Presentation
  • Neighborhood Updates
  • Websites


A search that offers the highest level of personalization for today’s consumer. The Housetouch search is a tag based search, meaning that a consumer can search for properties based on what they want. Want hardwood floors, radiant heat, a bay view and a home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a particular neighborhood? Simply select the tags for this and the search will immediately narrow your results as you select your tags giving you the perfect home immediately. There are no limits to the tags for a search as Housetouch goes through the verbiage provided by the MLS versus using static parameters, making a consumer’s search options limitless. Even better yet is the fact that Housetouch is very mobile-friendly so you can pull out your phone or tablet and enter your tags and Housetouch will find the homes that match your criteria in the area you are in immediately.

MLS Processing

At Terabitz we process dozens of MLSs’ every single day for near real time updates. We also process many terabytes of photographs along with the textual MLS data. Whether the MLS provides RETS or FTP access we are able to reliably obtain the data and keep it refreshed as often as the MLS allows. Additionally, we store sold data on our servers for use in CMA and other calculations depending on the rules set by the MLS. In every case we guarantee that the display conforms to MLS rules and that ALL the fields are available to the agents for their use.


Managing clients can be difficult. Terabitz’s CRM not only helps you monitor and manage your clients and their information but you can also use the automated marketing system to help stay in touch with them. The CRM can be customized with how an agent works with their clients so they can maintain their methods for customer management and the Broker can also propose plans and tracking methods for an agent to use. The bonus is that all activity coming in from either the Broker or Agents websites is automated, meaning no one gets lost in a paper shuffle. Terabitz has also made it easy to bring in clients from other software programs so they can all be managed from one CRM.

Search By Communities

Terabitz lets you customize the search feature by the communities in your area. A community may be an entire town and/or the neighborhoods (*based on MLS information) that make up your towns. Community searches put a local perspective for your area offering personalized content, school and business reviews and listings for that specific area making your site the local ” Expert”; providing a view into the areas you service that the national sites do not.

5min Prop Site

Why is it called 5 Minute Property Websites? Because you can create a stunning, content rich website for a listing in about 5 minutes. The MLS information for your listing is already set up so all that needs to be done is select a template and your property website is complete. It might take you the full five minutes if you decide to add some additional content for your listing!

One To One

Our One to One module provides a potential seller with their own personal website that provides market information which is customized to reflect how the real estate market is doing around their neighborhood. This information is updated on a daily basis and displays recent activity. The website provides a map with market activity and statistics around the potential sellers home. A valuation tool gives comparables that closely match your client’s home and allows them to see what potential return they may have. Communication is also made easy as the potential seller can type in questions which are emailed to you immediately. This helps you (Agent) generate more leads and stand out as an expert in their market.