Who we are

About Us

At Terabitz, we all come to work every day because we want to make your business easy. Terabitz explores and creates new frontiers. Always one step ahead of what businesses need, we turn the latest technology trends into advantages for our customers. As a mainstream front-runner, we create new solutions and build the future with our clients. ​

An international network of passionate technologists and pioneering craftsmen, Terabitz provides the cutting-edge tools, training and consulting services that make businesses work better, smarter, and faster.​

At Terabitz we are focused on understanding challenges, aware of opportunities, driven to solve for you.​

Our Beliefs

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A key advantage of working with Terabitz is that we’ve successfully built complex systems a hundred times over and are able to react to changing requirements and new opportunities. We typically work in two-week development sprints, side by side with our clients. We are able to identify issues quickly and adjust in real-time to ensure we are tracking well against expectations and constantly delivering value.

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Team Strength

Terabitz engages with clients using a simple “Team Strength” model. Rather than bouncing between projects on an hourly or daily basis, designers and engineers are assigned to one, full-time project at a time. This allows the team to focus solely on clients’ goals, internalizing a product vision, and taking pride and ownership in their work.

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User-Centered Design

Extraordinary design inspires action. It should be crafted to guide your users to success, and built on a deep understanding of your business, your customers, and what you want to achieve. Our design team not only understands user behavior, they also understand the mediums we work in. Designers who can also implement their designs increase speed of delivery and ensure optimal experiences across all devices.

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Rapid Delivery

Ship early and ship often. The more you build before engaging real users, the higher the likelihood you’re building the wrong thing. Putting working software into the hands of users allows the team to focus on what matters, saving valuable development time and resources.

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Terabitz believes in “radical transparency” Our clients have complete visibility into, and immediate ownership of all work-in-progress. Our suite of project tools document and communicate product conversations, design iterations, story evolution and of course, source code – all in a portable, maintainable and extensible manner. Our open and collaborative approach ensures that clients are able to engage with full confidence, knowing in real time what any member of their team is working on, and the overall health of the project.

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Terabitz goal is to be a long-term partner. We pride ourselves, not only on the quality of our code or pixel-perfect design comps, but also the value of our consultation. We constantly challenge assumptions, often using disciplined prioritization to build the right features at the right time. We use the latest processes, tools, and frameworks, injecting startup DNA into each project. Our team will work closely with client organizations, identifying areas of opportunity to accelerate development into the future. We aim to provide rapid and continuous delivery of highly scalable software, optimized for cloud deployment.