Zillow & Trulia: A Much Needed Kick In the Pants?

Will Zillow’s Acquisition of Trulia Spur the Industry to Finally, Truly Innovate and Exceed Consumer Expectations?

For years at PCMS Consulting, we’ve been talking about the fact that if not for inaction by the traditional real estate industry, there would be no Trulia and Zillow.

Ten years later they control access to the real estate consumer. They’ve become the gate keepers. An uncomfortable place for our industry to be in.

I say BRAVO!

This is not only a much needed wake-up call but also an amazing opportunity for innovative, fearless, and committed brokerages to step up and show consumers that they too are valuable for a variety of important reasons we all know too well.

The problem is the industry thought those reasons were enough… they are not.

You do it by driving leads, engaging consumers with easy to use and robust websites that prove your local worth, actually getting back to consumers that fill out a web form, and maintaining those valuable relationships beyond the 3 – 6 months it takes to do a deal and collect a commission.

Trulia and Zillow engage consumers when they are not even thinking about buying or selling real estate. Can we say that as an industry?

The time is NOW to step forward and engage. Meeting and EXCEEDING consumer expectations, while not a piece of cake, isn’t inherently difficult in itself.

Step forward and embrace an end-to-end marketing and sales strategy.

An end-to-end (E2E) strategy that will deliver a better experience for consumers. It will increase your lead conversions, improve sales and reduce your overhead.

So why not move forward and try?

This article reprinted with permission from PCMS Consulting. The original can be found here.