Terabitz adds CRM module to already robust enterprise platform

Offering clients and agents a complete internet marketing platform

Terabitz has added a CRM module to its competitive online marketing platform. It is currently upgrading existing client installations and will make it available to new customers July 15th.

Silicon Valley veteran and Terabitz founder and CEO, Ash Munshi, observes, “There is too much noise in the real estate technology space. Dozens of vendors offering solutions in very narrow areas and forcing agents and their brokers to learn and operate multiple systems. Our platform consolidates multiple solutions in one place making it easier and much more cost effective for our clients. Our platform is a complete marketing solution for those who view their web platform as a profit center.”

The new Terabitz CRM is designed to help agents and their managers track every aspect of a lead through the sales pipeline to closing. Terabitz CRM features include email alerts, Facebook integration, which properties consumers are viewing, data import, scheduling viewings, DRIP marketing, the ability to add tags, and create follow up tasks. All of this is seamlessly integrated with Terabitz’ award winning search functionality, user interface, and targeted marketing tools allowing agents to deliver a much better experience to their prospects and clients.

Michael Bean, founder and president of innovative regional player Bean Group ( chose the Terabitz platform in 2012. “We believe by making it easier for our agents to leverage technology, they will be more productive, make more money, and in turn, help Bean Group be more profitable. By using a platform like what the team at Terabitz has put together, we eliminate the need for our agents to have to purchase CMA, drip marketing, CRM, and other systems separately and more expensively.”

Jose Perez, founder of PCMS and Terabitz’ sales partner added, “We have been partners with Terabitz since 2009 and are very proud of the fact they continue to innovate. They are helping our joint clients as it relates to internet marketing by making it much easier and more profitable. By consolidating all the aspects of internet marketing under one platform, we believe we are better addressing the needs of today’s real estate consumer and also providing a cost effective solution for the broker.”

This article reprinted with permission from PCMS Consulting. The original can be found here.