Announcing One Cavo Core, First-to-Market CRM & Drip Marketing Platform

Atlanta, GA, One Cavo has announced a new CRM and Drip Marketing platform called One Cavo CORE, that will dramatically enhance real estate brokerages’ ability to increase and measure lead conversion rates. The three-year-old contact center provides lead management and customer care for real estate brokerage clients, responding to their internet leads in under 15 minutes. One Cavo CORE utilizes an industry-leading CRM with a ground breaking call center application layered on top.  The new application is the first of its kind in the real estate industry.

The new platform was built by Terabitz,  an enterprise web marketing platform for many leading brokerage companies across the U.S. Both companies are represented by PCMS, a leading provider of innovative consulting and technology solutions for the brokerage industry.

PCMS has scheduled an online demo for Tuesday, July 9 at 2 PM EST.  The demo will unveil One Cavo CORE’s functionality and capabilities to industry brokers, and their managers, marketing and technology staff. Interested parties can attend the demo by following this link:

Brad Miller, founder and president of One Cavo and a former real estate broker-owner, started One Cavo in 2009.  Miller recognized the increasingly important need to respond to internet consumers in a timely fashion. “As an industry, we do not do a good job of responding to internet leads and are thus jeopardizing consumer experience, our brands, and ultimately, the bottom line. Our contact center and technology help brokerages improve lead conversion by responding to every one of their internet leads in less than 15 minutes. CORE will give brokerages insight and metrics into every agent and every lead by lead source. Our goal is to give each of our brokerage clients a measurable ROI on each lead source that the brokerage is spending dollars on.”

An early believer in the outsourced contact center was Al Becker, Vice President of Marketing and Operations for Jack Conway & Company, Inc., a 32-office brokerage in Eastern Massachusetts.  “We engaged One Cavo one year ago and have been very satisfied by how quickly they respond to our leads, many times, while the consumer is still online. One Cavo CORE will give us a much better understanding of where we should spend our marketing dollars with 3rd party sites to generate leads and what actually happens after we deliver one to an agent.” One Cavo CORE will give real estate brokerages the ability to better understand what is happening with internet leads and calculate ROI on their internet marketing investments. For the first time in the real estate industry, brokerages will be able to:

  • Track specific call center metrics regarding the quality of leads coming in from 3rd party sites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor .com;
  • Provide true agent accountability in terms of their responsiveness to consumers and the brokerage; and,
  • Determine an ROI on leads being converted by each 3rd party lead source.

“We are extremely proud to represent innovative companies such as One Cavo and Terabitz who are helping solve important real estate industry issues.” states Jose Perez, founder and chief visionary of PCMS. “Our goal is to help clients deliver a better consumer experience, differentiate themselves, and, increase profits. One Cavo is doing all these things.” One Cavo will be introducing an agent offering in the 3rd quarter of 2013. One Cavo CORE is available exclusively to One Cavo clients. For more information on how real estate brokerages can integrate One Cavo CORE into their lead management please contact Jose Perez via email at or by phone at 678.310.3417.

About PCMS PCMS is a team of veteran real estate industry professionals, that provide a network of technology and management solutions to help brokers grow their business and increase profits. PCMS provides the essential foundation brokers need to address emerging consumer and industry trends. For more information about this innovative real estate consulting practice and technology solutions provider please visit

About One Cavo One Cavo is an outsourced Lead Response, Distribution, Incubation and Reporting Company based in Denver, CO that exclusively serves the Real Estate Industry. Their new products, One Cavo CORE and One Cavo Lead Convertor, are revolutionizing how brokerages measure their online marketing spend with all of the 3rd party lead generation sites while increasing conversions. One Cavo has many Top 500 Brokerages as their clients. For more information regarding lead response services

This article reprinted with permission from PCMS Consulting. The original can be found here.