How are your agent and brokerage web solutions performing?

When is the last time you coached your agents on the most effective use of their Mobile or Web Solutions? Do you know which tools they use and how often?

Who are the agents in your marketplace that you should be having business consultations with to add to your team? Is someone staying on track of their production?

Does your agent or brokerage send out a report to your seller’s each week, keeping them informed of market activity through all your efforts?

Can a buyer or seller keep track of what is happening in their market place with a snapshot or statistical update?

Do you have a digital website, set up for each (and every) consumer your agents encounter, where the agent can IM, text or view the visits?

If you could have all of the above and much more all in one platform, would you be interested in having a complimentary conversation with me?
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Elaine Gilleo
Business Development Manager at PCMS Consulting