What is today’s online consumer looking for?

The internet an online consumers mean the days of the realtor controlling the information are long gone.

The good news for the real estate industry is that real estate is a complex and emotional transaction;  therefore, it will is harder to do EVERYTHING onlne so our job is to figure out how to leverage the internet to engage that consumer so they do business with your firm. And remember, the real estate agent of the future is also looking at you because they are aware of all this and are looking for the real estate company who understands the need for an engaging and knowledgeable online presence and and does something about it.

You must provide relevant, engaging, and entertaining information in order to convince someone to do business with you. Online consumers want their information NOW… what are you doing to provide them this either on your site or in terms of your ILM strategy? Because they can find anything they want on the internet, they don’t want you trying to sell them or tell them how great you are. Anyone can say that;  therefore, they will do business with you because you provided the information first, were professional, and engaged them.

If you don’t engage online consumers somehow, they will just go somewhere else.

About our webinar presenter, Jose Perez

  • Founded PCMS Consulting in 2007
  • MBA in Real Estate from University of Texas at Austin with over 20 years experience in the residential and commercial real estate industries.
  • Former SVP Franchise Sales and Acquisitions for Realogy Corporation,  parent company of CENTURY 21, Coldwell Banker, ERA, Better Homes and Gardens, and Sotheby’s International Realty.
  • Directly and indirectly responsible for the franchise affiliation of over 3,000 brokerage companies and the acquisition of another 1,000.

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