“Siri, find me 4 bedroom homes in Any-town USA”

Digital Assistants are becoming more prevalent with mobile devices so consumer real estate websites need to be more robust than ever. Just ask Alexa, Siri or Cortina to find something for you and watch the results that pull up.

AMP Optimized Responsive sites will have more long-tail keywords and specific image tags to identify potential leads. I’m not talking about those who are just “lookie” lookers, I mean real people who are way to busy to be on a long term hunt for that perfect property or investment.

As important as it is to identify the types, sizes and styles of properties, it is doubly important to make sure the investment is wise and the area has everything you need.


Terabitz lets you customize the search feature by the communities in your area. A community may be an entire town, and/or the neighborhoods (*based on MLS information) that make up your towns. Community searches put a local perspective for your area offering personalized content, school and business reviews and listings for that specific area making your site the local ” Expert”; providing a view into the areas you service that the national sites do not.

Drive real leads to your site but don’t forget to convert them. That is another topic for another day!

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