One Cavo CORE Introduces Drip Marketing Customized to Each Consumer

Offers 15 minute response to internet leads; Scrubs, transfers, then drips targeted information to consumers.

Denver, CO  (October 24, 2013) – One Cavo now offers Intelligent Drip Marketing for brokers and agents.

The award-winning company’s flagship product, CORE, transforms web platforms into profit centers for brokers.  CORE combines its industry-leading real estate CRM with a groundbreaking call center application.

Using their Denver-based contact and conversion center, CORE beats the industry-wide average response time to internet leads and increases conversion rates 6-10%.

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One Cavo’s contact center operators capture crucial consumer information on behalf of the brokerage. A few examples of collected data includes: whether a consumer is a first time home buyer; if the consumer is moving up or moving down; and if they are pre-approved for a mortgage.

With this information, One Cavo can drip marketing messages, tailored to the specific needs of each consumer they have spoken to.

“Our goal is to help brokerages deliver a great consumer experience.” states Bradley Miller, Founder and President of One Cavo. “The majority of consumers will use the first brokerage responding to them. An often overwhelming problem for brokerages is that many of these consumer inquiries come in months before they might be ready to make a move.  Understandably, most agents just don’t want to wait. By responding quickly on behalf of our clients, and then targeting follow up messages specifically to the home buyer or seller, brokers and agents communicate to consumers that they are dedicated to quality service and an exceptional experience.”

CORE’s features dramatically enhance the broker’s ability to increase and measure lead conversion rates

Details about One Cavo's Intelligent Drip Marketing, CORE

One Cavo initially interacts through live conversations with consumers before they warm-transfer them to a real estate agent.  During this initial contact period, specific data is collected around the consumer’s individual needs.  That data can then be used to build farms for specific content relating to the consumer.

CORE’s platform has pre-populated high-visual, low word campaigns for its broker clients. For example, a brokerage can configure a campaign directed at first time buyers which is relevant to the first purchase of a home.

Personalizing the consumer experience has become the key differentiator for brokerages and their agents. Most brokerages find it difficult to create and implement systems to quickly capture information that will enable them provide a highly personalized transaction experience.

Patterson Schwartz, the largest brokerage in the State of Delaware, has been a One Cavo client since 2012. President, Joe Pluscht, has long understood the importance of rapid lead response. “We have had an online lead generation strategy in place for several years. We engaged One Cavo to take our customer service to a much higher level. The fact they can respond to all our inquiries in minutes AND provide this level of consumer personalization really helps us differentiate our brand in the market!”

Jose Perez, Founder of PCMS Consulting, and the exclusive reseller of One Cavo’s services, states, “If brokerages viewed their web platform as a profit center, they would look at every aspect of how they interact with consumers online and determine how to deliver a great experience every step of the way. Look at companies like Starbucks who grab you with their app, woo you with their free WiFi, and convince you to hang out at their stores. People pay more for coffee because of their exceptional consumer experience. At this point, the consumer coffee landscape is saturated, but Starbuck’s remains relevant, and it’s not just because their coffee is good!”


One Cavo is an outsourced lead response, distribution, incubation and reporting company based in Denver, CO that exclusively serves the real estate industry. Their flagship product, One Cavo CORE, revolutionize how brokerages measure their online marketing spending with all of the 3rd party lead generation sites, while increasing conversions. One Cavo has many top 500 Brokerages as their clients. For more information regarding lead response and conversion services visit


The real estate consulting and solutions provider transforms their clients into market leaders and proven profit centers.  PCMS modernizes brokerage operations with powerful technology to help brokers and agents engage and respond online. Their management consulting strategies  also provide the essential foundation brokers need to address emerging consumer and industry trends. PCMS is committed to driving positive change for the brokerage industry.

This article reprinted with permission from PCMS Consulting. The original can be found here.